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Jimmy's Red

By Winemaker & good  friend

Tony Soter

It is only fitting that this wine was only bottled in magnum size as this best displays Jimmy’s larger than life personality.  This unique limited edition wine made by Tony Soter, longtime friend of Jimmy’s and at one time one of the most prolific consulting wine makers in Napa Valley, we just had Tony in town and showed wines from his past as well as a selection of wines from his own vineyard in Oregon and from the Etude label which is the label that he founded in the early 1980’s and sold off to the Fosters group in 2001.

This unique blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Merlot was sourced from some of the Napa Valley’s finest vineyard sites and there were only 450 cases of this wine produced.


Kind Words



"Jimmy was a dear friend of mine. I had the pleasure of knowing him for many years. He inspired me and many others in this industry with his passion for fine food and wine, his hunger for life, and his loyalty and friendship to those who loved him."

Emeril Lagasse

Celebrity Chef | Restaurateur

“The importance of this wine auction could only be made possible by the connection of the great vision of Jimmy Mancbach combined with the support of his friends and family at Southern Wine & Spirits who are committed to making this scholarship a reality in memory of Jimmy.

Jimmy Mancbach was a great friend to me personally and contributed so much to the great wines of California and to the fine wine growth of Southern Wine & Spirits. I remember one of our first meetings, I was having dinner with my wife Bobbi at a restaurant and he came over and looked at the bottle of wine I was drinking and he said “I’ve got something much better.” and brought a bottle of wine from his table and poured us two classes. We became friends and I hired him in 1988. All of us at SWS miss Jimmy dearly.”

Mel Dick

President of Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits

President Wine Division/Senior Vice President Southern Wine and Spirits

“Very seldom in one’s life do you have a friendship that can only last 22 years and each and every year support your dreams and passions. Jimmy is that friend and in his passing will leave a void impossible to replace. Supporting the Jimmy Mancbach Memorial Scholarship Foundation is giving back to Jimmy a fraction of what he has given us."

Michael Chiarello

Chef | Author | TV Host

“Jimmy was consummately searching for what was current, what was hot in all aspects of the wine industry. If there were new brands, new people, old people moving to new positions, whether it was big, big industry changing names or good gossipy tidbits, Jimmy had his finger on the pulse of it all.

Jimmy was a great man not to be surpassed with a great palate, tremendous dedication, an enormous heart and a true love for our industry.

A jeroboam among magnums.”

Fred Schrader

Schrader Cellars

"Jimmy Mancbach's deathbed wish to me and everyone else who visited him in his last months, was to establish a namesake Foundation to provide education and opportunities to dedicated wine professionals to enhance their careers. I’m working with family and friends to make that happen. The wines that Jimmy worked with and hand-selected for his Gems portfolio will be among the world-class donations we'll use to fund the foundation."

Jim Clendenen

Winemaker | Proprietor Au Bon Climate Winery

"I remember being in Hong Kong at a dinner and in strolled Jimmy, he acted like we were in Miami. . . Always supportive and a true confidant. He knew what was going on in the culinary world. He knew about food and everything else. He was the kind of guy who gave guidance in a parental sort of way. Time never seemed to change him. Jimmy was a rock and a great listener. One day I was involved in a dinner in Brisbane, Australia, the other side of the earth as far as U.S. is concerned. In walks Jimmy... He amazed me...I cherished our friendship and how he influenced me with his blissful attitude. Jimmy will be sorely missed. It is a great loss to us all. Jimmy truly wanted everyone to be happy. He will always be in our hearts.”

Chef Kerry Simon

Owner | Partner

Simon Kitchen & Bar, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, Simon LA, Beverly Hills Spotlight Live, Times Square NYC and Impala, San Francisco

“Jimmy Mancbach knew and loved great wine, and the winemakers and chefs he worked with have turned out in force to support Jimmy’s Gems, donating special cuvees, library bottles and extraordinary dinners to benefit Jimmy’s Foundation. No wine lover should miss this exciting auction.”

Marvin Shanken

Editor and Publisher Wine Spectator

"I counted Jimmy Mancbach as one of my dear friends in the wine industry. This friendship was built on mutual respect and integrity. Jimmy was dedicated to raising the awareness and appreciation of artisan American wines (winemakers). He shepherded many of us into the lime light our wines deserved at the same time teaching us what it was about to be featured on the cutting edge lists of the great chef’s of Florida and elsewhere.

I am sure I speak for many like me who may not have made the leap to high profile distribution without the confidence and competence that Jimmy inspired and provided. Knowing he could connect our wines with the “right” customers was his talent, indeed gift. In fact it was a gift to us all."

Tony Soter

Founder | Winegrower Etude | Soter Vineyards

“Jimmy Loved People, his passion for friends, food and wine drove him.
He unselfishly gave his time and talent to many of us in the industry. Jimmy’s dedication to help others was notable to every chef in our community. He had a distinguished reputation for sniffing out the best in food and wine creativity. Jimmy’s indomitable spirit will continue to live on.”

Chef Allen Susser

Chef Allen’s, Aventura, Florida

“I was always eager to talk to Jimmy Mancbach whenever he phoned. His interest in California and French wine was wide ranging and he always had interesting news about new California wineries or about the most recent Bordeaux releases he had just tasted. When we would get together for a meal, I would bring my rarest, most interesting wines because I knew Jimmy would know about them and appreciate them. He was a very rare man.”

Mark Bixler

Partner and Co-winemaker | Kistler Vineyards

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